behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes video for DEC3's "Put Some South in Your Mouth"

Here's a behind the scenes video I shot and produced with director Ahron R. Foster for DEC3's music video "Put Some South in Your Mouth." It features time-lapse, interviews, rock star hair, lassos, beer clinking, and good old-fashioned American rock 'n roll! Shot in the Strand Smokehouse in Queens! Hells yeah! Here's more motion work I've done.

Behind the Scenes for Music Video

I love working with musicians. Work like this allows me to bring out my true creativity, and it doesn't hurt that musicians are some of the most comfortable subjects in front of a camera. Here's behind-the-scenes footage I shot for a music video, where I documented the setup and filming of Evie Archer's "On Christmas Day", and I worked with director Robert Hooman. It was visually interesting to put time-lapse and video together!

I also captured some great portraits during the shoot. Check them out!