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Postcards Through Edition

I was thrilled to be selected to have my work featured in a new program through, called Edition. They now offer curated prints to be sent as a greeting to your friends and loved ones. It's like sending a miniature piece of art, and it is an easy and thoughtful gift. These are postcards your friends are going to want to keep!

Just select a piece, write a personal message, and they'll send a frame-ready 6”x9” fine art postcard to anyone in the world. $7 US/Canada/Mexico, $8 all other locations.

National Advertising Campaign for Propel Marketing | Jason Gardner Photography

I recently shot portraits for this newspaper advertising campaign which involved traveling all across the East to illustrate case studies of small businesses who had success advertising with Propel / Gatehouse Media. It was an awesome experience to get to travel around to different states and I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with these small business owners. 

I love seeing how photography and illustration can come together to create an awesome ad! Thanks again for the opportunity Gatehouse! 

Check out the final shots and see the journey from behind the scenes, to raw photo, to final add! 

Behind the Scenes for Music Video

I love working with musicians. Work like this allows me to bring out my true creativity, and it doesn't hurt that musicians are some of the most comfortable subjects in front of a camera. Here's behind-the-scenes footage I shot for a music video, where I documented the setup and filming of Evie Archer's "On Christmas Day", and I worked with director Robert Hooman. It was visually interesting to put time-lapse and video together!

I also captured some great portraits during the shoot. Check them out!