A Flower In the Mouth at Lapa - Celebration of Brazilian Culture

I'm very pleased to announce my participation in Lapa, a celebration of Brazilian culture, focused on art, music and dance. Lapa is a chance to bring people together through power of art, music and dance ... Axé! Starting at 6:30pm on 11/22, the event will be hosted by art director/curator Anderson Zaca and curator/artist Agua NYC.

The event will feature my recent work A Flower in the Mouth: The Beauty and Burden of Carnaval in Pernambuco, Brazil, which is a book of photography and writing about the culture, music and rituals of Carnaval. I will be presenting my work and talking about my experience photographing this area and how I learned about the fascinating culture there. If you haven't had the chance to see the images, or learn about the book, come see it first-hand! Yes there will be a book signing!